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Another short tutorial thanks to the Millenia project. As you can see, this wig was once straight (aside from the slight waves due to the transport).
For curling usually a curling iron or hair rollers/curlers work fine, but what if you have neither of them nor to few of your curlers? What if you have too much hair and it just rolls off again?
The easiest and cheapest way is getting yourself some tinfoil and cut/rip it into pieces. I usually have it in a size of a DIN A 4 sheet of paper. After that I wrap them a little in the shape of a papillote curler and then I’m rolling the hair up.
All you have to do after that is boil water and pour it over the part you want to curl. The amount of water you need depends on the amount and length of hair. Better use too much than too less and always check beforehand if your wig is heat resistant. More over please watch your hands. If you just have a bathtub and nothing matching to put your wighead on without the danger of everything falling down, go outside (garden or balcony) and do it there, but please make sure you wear pants and shoes. You don’t want the water to come into contact with your skin!

After pouring the water over the wig, let it dry a little. If you don’t work in a shower/bathtub, have a towel for putting it underneath the wig while drying. Water will be dripping like crazy. You don’t have to wait until the wig is completely dry for removing the tinfoil. After all the important process is bending the plastic fiber by heat and the wig will usually cool down rather quickly. I recommend not brushing through it unless you want a really, really wavy and crazy (almost messy) volume. If you want your curls to stay as individual streaks, just let them dry, brush through them with your fingers instead of a comb and fix them with a little hairspray.

If you wonder why the color of my wig changed, that’s nothing to worry about. Brighter colors turn a little darker when they are wet. It was perfectly like before when it was dry.