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Every now and then I get questions where to buy those bear clips I used for my Junko cosplay. Well, those aren’t up for sale, but there is a pretty easy way to make them. Thisworks for other accessories as well ;3

What do you need:
▸ oven drying clay (DE: Fimo)
▸ baking paper
▸ paper, scissors, pen and a fine brush
▸ acrylic paint in white, black and red
▸ sanding paper
▸ transparent varnish

Additionally I recommend spray paint in white and black.

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Since questions keep coming about the shoulder parts of my Millenia costume, let’s go a little into detail with it.

I spend a long time questioning myself how to make this ornaments and I was luckily snooping around bakka cosplay page where she used some wood glue to make some accessories for her Romeo costume.
It’s sad that just a few cosplayers found out about this technique because ever since a lot of people started working with Worbla’s finest art, they have wood glue at home. So, I feel the need to explain it once again with a few additional tips.

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Millenia: Arulithia
Elena: Chibinischan
Series: Grandia II
Photo by: Katapon

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I’m cosplaying since 2006, so quite a long time. Can’t believe that it’s just two years until my 10th anniversary. I have a lot of messages telling me that people admire what I’m doing, but I’m always sad when I see or hear people saying that they will never come to a level where I am now, especially if these people are only cosplaying for a year or so…

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Millenia: Arulithia
Elena: Chibinischan
Series: Grandia II
Photo by: Acorea

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Model and make-up: Arulithia
Wig creation by: Chibinischan
Photo by: Chibinischan

Wig is up for sale. More information can be found here

Ren Kouen (練紅炎): Arulithia
Ren Hakuei (練 白瑛): Chibinischan
Series: Magi - The labyrinth of Magic (マギ)
Photo by: Soffel

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✦ Character: Miketsukami Soushi (御狐神双熾)
✦ Series: Inu x Boku SS (妖狐×僕SS)
✦ Photo by:

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☆ Character: Ren Kouen (練紅炎)
☆ Series: Series: Magi - The labyrinth of Magic (マギ)
☆ Photo by: Midgard Photography & Cosplay

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