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Hi :D I really want to do this chest binder, I will cosplay the Winter Soldier in october and he don't have boobs x) So I was wondering, what type of fabric did you use to make yours ? It is really important or can I make the binder with the fabric that I want ? Thank for you answer !

I used some kind of cotton blend and everything that’s non elastic should do. If it’s elastic the effect would lower down or maybe disappear completely.
But yeah, it doesn’t matter if it’s some fabric made out of natural resources like cotton or if it’s synthetic. It highly depends on your personal choice of what’s more comfortable for you while wearing. :3

It’s a good thing you asked because I totally forgot to mention it in the text and therefore I post this public, so everyone gets the chance to see it.


things you want but can never have

You want to win one of these wig creations Chibinischan, the winner of Arda Iron Wigs 2015, made?

Simply follow this link to her FB, carefully read the instructions and grab your chance.
In case you like her way of working things out, but look for a speficic character wig like Sora from Kingdom Hearts, send her a note. She’s still taking commissions!

Millenia: Arulithia
Photo by: Acorea
Series: Grandia II

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Axel: Arulithia
Series: Kingdom Hearts II
Photo by: Chibinischan

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☆ Character: Yuno Gasai (我妻 由乃)
☆ Series: Mirai Nikki (未来日記)
☆ Photo by: Chibinis-chan

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☆ Character: Shoei (猩影)
☆ Series: Nurarihyon no Mago (ぬらりひょんの孫)
☆ Photo by: EyeofMikhail (Animexx)

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Reno: Arulithia
Photo by: Chibinischan
Series: Final Fantasy VII
Photo by: Chibinischan

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Welcome to another part of “Behind the scenes at AruChi’s”. Let me talk a little about photos today and the magic you can do at home with just a few tricks.

Of course these pictures can’t possibly compete with those of regular photoshoots we’re having, but they are something I’d call ‘decent’. There is actually not much needed to make them and I hope some of you might find what I’m sharing useful.

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Every now and then I get questions where to buy those bear clips I used for my Junko cosplay. Well, those aren’t up for sale, but there is a pretty easy way to make them. Thisworks for other accessories as well ;3

What do you need:
▸ oven drying clay (DE: Fimo)
▸ baking paper
▸ paper, scissors, pen and a fine brush
▸ acrylic paint in white, black and red
▸ sanding paper
▸ transparent varnish

Additionally I recommend spray paint in white and black.

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